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Introducing ARA Security Cash In Transit.


This year, our Cash in Transit (CIT) business has become a significant participant in the Australian CIT industry. ARA Security now transports business earnings safely and securely, saving businesses more time, money and stress. Over the past year, we constructed purpose built cash depots around Australia, expanded our CIT offering to include valuable cargo solutions, and secured several key service contracts with major retailers, councils and financial institutions. With this expansion and our combined new offering of cash in transit and cash processing, ARA Security has propelled to the top of the list as a true national CIT provider.

How It Works

When bank day arrives, businesses request an ARA Security officer to their premises to collect cash and deliver it to the ARA Secure processing centre using IBNS and Smart Racking technology.

With our new CIT insured service, the ARA Security team also provides a free risk assessment to ensure businesses are using the best practices within their day-to-day to avoid any further risk.


Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System Technology

Our groundbreaking IBNS technology prevents any unauthorised access to valuables. All notes are transported within a locked box containing note degradation ink. Should the locked box be stolen or penetrated in any way, an explosive device will expose ink to the notes.

What’s more, we presented this new technology to the Reserve Bank of Australia who has agreed to replace returned damaged notes dollar for dollar.


Bailment Agreement

ARA has also gained the support of one of Australia’s major banks by securing a bailment agreement. This partnership allows us to process cash in the bank’s depots and electronically receipt client funds directly to their bank account of choice.

We’re helping small, medium and large businesses avoid the worry, liability and loss of time bank day often presents. Our transport service is insured and can be tailored to any business size, ensuring our discreet door-to-door service meets all needs.


There’s no more need to stress with ARA Security keeping business earnings safe, secure and risk-free.


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