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It’s not every day you hear about a true story of courage in the face of adversity.

For ARA Security apprentice, Eric Huftile, Thursday the 16th March started like any other regular day on the job, signing in at his job site QLD Rail, and then heading to the nearby McDonalds to order his morning coffee with work colleague Paul Roue.

As the gentlemen received their order they were confronted by a distressed man running through the entry doors screaming to call an ambulance. On approaching the young woman who was laying in the recovery position outside on the ground, Eric proceeded to advise he had recently undertaken first aid training and would obligingly stay to ensure her wellbeing.

It wasn’t long before the young woman began to gasp for air and then stopped breathing altogether. Eric immediately rushed to her aid and began performing CPR while Paul cradled her head. By the eleventh compression the young woman started breathing again.

In the 25 minutes it took for the paramedics to arrive, the young women stopped breathing five times, additionally experiencing four to five seizures, lasting 3-4 minutes each cycle.

Eric’s due diligence in checking the woman’s vitals and behavioural changes, as well as the initial CPR performed is the reason why this woman survived.

Everyone at ARA is proud to work with such a brave and courageous young man. ARA will use this incident as a prompt to re-visit CPR refresher training for all our staff.

Can an extreme situation help us to find the strength and courage we would not have under normal circumstances? In Eric’s case the answer was, yes!

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