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When ARA Fire tenders for large scale projects, they focus on a few key things to win the client. Keep cost down, quality up and the time frame to the clients’ expectation. In one of ARA Fire’s latest projects, they did all three by using one simple method: Innovation.

The client, a modern 32 level office building in Sydney CBD, had been notified that the sprinkler heads installed throughout the property’s fire sprinkler system no longer complied to industry standards. They were in need of immediate assistance from an experienced fire company with the capability for the removal of the existing 1300 outlawed sprinkler heads and then the installation of 1300 new, compliant replacements. New sprinkler heads needed to be installed both above and below the ceiling.

The challenge faced with this project was the need for a large amount of scaffolding. With narrow corridors and only a small service lift, the chances of disruption to the building’s daily activities and damage to the interior of the building was high. ARA Fire demonstrated both innovation and low cost and won the project.

ARA Fire studied the property, noting the narrow corridors and small service lift, and found challenging situations, such as plant rooms 3 stories high with minimal room for scaffolding. Through experience and an eye for innovation, they called on their sister division ARA Building. ARA Building had recently acquired an abseil services company who were proving to be an asset in situations where work is required in areas that are hard to reach by scaffolding, ladders and other working platforms.

Together, ARA Fire and ARA Building engineered trolleys to allow them to climb to the 3-storey high Z beams, and then to pull themselves along to each sprinkler head as required. The innovation and cooperation of each company won them the project, saved the client more than $200,000, eliminated the chance of damage to the building and completed the project a whole month ahead of schedule to the highest possible quality.

This team effort has won them new work already and they plan to continue this relationship into the future as they build upon each of their capabilities, taking both ARA Fire and ARA Building to new heights through cooperation and innovation.

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