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When building a brand new multi-floor residential or commercial building, power is one of the first things a developer has on their mind. Every floor needs power to function to its highest potential and so needs to be connected to the surrounding network. However, this can put a huge strain on the network and potentially drain power from the surrounding properties. So how does a developer deal with this challenge?

ARA Electrical designs, constructs and installs substations specifically designed for just such projects. Continuing to deliver the highest quality power supplies to multi-floor residential and commercial buildings, their extensive experience in substation projects makes them a preferred contractor for many developers.

A substation’s job, quite simply, is to transform the voltage of electricity from low to high, and vice versa, so as to have the capacity to power its building, without pulling too much power from its neighbouring properties. It is now compulsory by law to install a substation in a multi-floor property and ARA Electrical makes sure from the beginning of each project that every part of the station is fully compliant.

Beginning with the design of the substation, ARA Electrical considers the location, the scope of the project, its surrounding properties, council regulations and various other processes. They then excavate streets and install underground conduits and cables to connect the substation to the area’s network.

ARA Electrical then terminates all cables and moves into the commissioning of the project. They do this in conjunction with Ausgrid, handing over the controls of the substation, now operational and ready to power the life of the building.

The capacity of the substations that ARA Electrical designs, constructs and installs are more than capable of supplying power to its building. In fact, the substations are so robust that in the case of a power outage in the surrounding streets, Ausgrid will back feed power from the substation to the neighbouring properties’ network, providing them uninterrupted power while still maintaining electricity to its primary building. ARA Electrical can also use this functionality when performing repairs or scheduled maintenance without interruption to the network.

The work done by ARA Electrical is powerful and constructed to last. These substations offer a real benefit to developers, their properties residents and neighbours and the quality of work continues to keep them at the top of developers lists of suppliers. ARA Electrical – keeping everyone connected through true, robust and efficient substations.


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