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One of the pioneers of Australian specialty door manufacturing, Renlita Overhead Doors (Renlita), has been associated with the door industry in Australia for over 50 years.

In the early 1950’s in his backyard shed in Adelaide, South Australia, Mr. Jesse Richards designed the first ‘Renlita Overhead Door’. Prior to the design of the Renlita door, Jesse’s first work comprised of decorative products such as firewood boxes, steel shoe tips, trestles and wool-classing tables. He then evolved to manufacturing caravan and trailer chassis. Unbeknown to Jesse at the time, these products were simply a stepping stone for the future venture of his company.

When Jesse designed and manufactured the first Renlita door, there wasn’t any other counter balancing door on the market. At the time, Jesse didn’t realise how iconic his first ‘backyard’ door would become and never dreamed that his designs would soon lead the way for specialty doors of this type in Australia, and more recently, in Northern America.

In 2002, Renlita joined the Monarch Group, a key component of ARA Manufacture. The company had several owners, after Jesse Richards and before joining the ARA Group. According to Steve Jones, Operations Manager at ARA Manufacture, the product also hadn’t evolved much over that time. Since joining ARA, the Renlita product line has been re-designed and developed to current design trends and architectural demands.

Renlita’s products continue to be in high demand across all industry sectors. We are seeing them used for industrial applications, such as aircraft hangers and warehouses as well as commercial use for high end shopping complexes, restaurants and storefronts. We are also seeing an emerging trend in residential design where overhead doors are replacing the traditional sliding and bi-fold variations.

The design, specification and functionality of these doors continues to evolve and can be modified to suit any requirement. The robust structure of these doors allows the facing to be cladded in almost any finish to compliment virtually any specification.

The versatile nature and unlimited design possibilities is a large contributor to why these doors have become so popular in today’s market. Just like the original door Jesse first designed for his own backyard garage, owning a Renlita Door is as easy and attainable as having the vision.

Renlita Overhead Doors, still pioneering Australian specialty doors.

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