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Following an important update to NSW fire safety regulations for external wall cladding, ARA Building successfully removed and replaced non-compliant cladding for two residential buildings in Sydney’s CBD.

From January to August 2018, ARA Building carried out the complete re-cladding of two residential towers near King St Wharf in Sydney’s CBD.

Whilst undertaking a separate remedial project at the property, it was suspected that the cladding on 23 Shelley Street and 35 Shelley Street might be combustible. At the request of the building’s insurer, ARA Building removed a sample of the original cladding and sent it for testing, which confirmed that it did not comply with the NSW Government’s new fire safety regulations.

In response to the findings, ARA Building’s Project Manager, Dusko Dragicevic, worked closely with Bill Moisidis, the Director of Bellmont Façade Engineering, to determine the best materials for the complete re-cladding of 23 Shelley Street (14 storeys) and 35 Shelley Street (10 storeys).


After removing the original non-compliant cladding and framing for both façades, the ARA Building Team carried out the installation of the new frame structure, new non-combustible sarking from TBA Firefly, and approximately 1,500+m2 of Fairview Architectural’s deemed non-combustible aluminium panels, the Vitracore G2 in Silver Ice Metallic.

Scaffolding & CBD Location

ARA Building provided scaffolding across the façades of both buildings, requiring various council and road authority permits. This was especially complex given the location in Sydney’s CBD. However, our team’s experience with obtaining all relevant permits meant that they were able to avoid unexpected variations in quoting for the permits.

Vitracore G2 Deemed Non-Combustible Aluminium Panels

The Vitracore G2 is the first brand that has been able to reach the new Australian fire safety rating. With large stock holdings and short lead times, the Vitracore G2 proved to be a cost-effective solution that is visually similar to traditional Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP), but with a deemed non-combustible core.

 “We take a lot of care to deliver an outstanding product to the client” – Dusko Dragicevic, Project Manager, ARA Building.

The Vitracore G2 panels are lighter and more delicate than traditional ACP, which made the installation process safer and faster for the ARA Building team. It also meant that the team had to take special care to protect the panels from any damage that might occur during installation. Overall, the client was pleased with the final delivery of the cladding.

TBA Firefly Non-Combustible Sarking

Firefly’s non-breathable, non-combustible sarking is an extra heavy duty radiant barrier designed to be used as a water/vapour/reflective insulation barrier in commercial wall applications that require non-combustible materials.

ARA Building installed TBA Firefly’s Non-Combustible Sarking across both façades to enhance the level of fire safety protection for the external wall cladding in the event of a fire.

Inspection & Compliance

ARA Building are experts in carrying out inspections for external façade fire safety on high rise buildings (Class 2 to 9 buildings – Type A & B Construction) and making any updates in order to comply with current code. Meeting the current requirements is one of the most important aspects in keeping any building and its occupants safe and limiting the spread of fire via the external wall and between adjacent buildings. If you have any enquiries about the cladding on your building, please contact ARA Building today.

ARA Building

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