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It’s no news that a thriving workplace is heavily influenced by the indoor environment of a building, with obvious links to employee well-being and productivity in the spaces in which they work.


Buildings with a highly rated NABERS Indoor Environment (IEQ) is ultimately a ‘win-win’ solution that will provide long-term results including happy, healthy, comfortable and productive tenants who are more likely to remain tenanted within a building. In turn, this will provide better returns and increased financial security for building owners.

Commercial property owners who are continuing to lift the standards in NABERS IE Q are ISPT Super Property. With a commitment to creating growth for people and places through property, ISPT boasts a portfolio of over $19 billion and invests in and develops commercial, retail, logistics, warehousing and residential property across Australia.

In a combined effort with CBRE Management, NetZero and Environmental Automation Pty Ltd, and our partnership with Reliable Controls, ISPT’s 345 George St and 255 Pitt St have seen recent success in achieving 6-star rating for NABERS Indoor Environment.

Foyer of the 345 George Street Building NABERS IEI

SPT | Foyer – 345 George Street, Sydney

“Reliable Controls are developing building automation software and hardware products to ensure buildings now and into the future are sustainable. That mission coupled with the skill, passion and purpose of authorized dealers like Environmental Automation is getting results and the success at 345 George St and 255 Pitt St buildings is a great example of that.”

– Jason Duncan, Australasia Sales Manager for Reliable Controls.

The EAPlus Optimisation Team at Environmental Automation Pty Ltd were responsible for collecting and reporting the BMS data. With all the data, a positive plan and overall realisation to the importance of achieving a greater indoor environment, EAPlus team had identified 3 key initiatives for the two ISPT buildings to achieve six stars in NABERS IE:

  1. Collect data on VAV tenancy space temperatures and report on the stored data through the power of Reliable Controls reporting package.

  2. Leveraging the intelligent acumens of the reporting package NABERS IE rules were configured to help identify zones that were reading outside of ASHRAE 55 limits.

  3. Collect the insights driven by Reliable Controls reporting package, utilise those insights to make specialised recommendations and actions to effectively communicate advice to the client so we can maintain indoor air quality and optimise tenant comfort levels.

255 Pitt Street Building NABERS 6 IE

SPT | 255 Pitt Street

“True sustainability can really only be achieved if all stakeholders are on board working together and that’s another success story of this project. The way ISPT Engineering, CBRE Management, NetZero and Environmental Automation have worked together to achieve the 6 star rating in a relatively short time frame is an example of technical aptitude and professionalism that sets the bar high for our industry, well done everyone involved”

– Jason Duncan, Australasia Sales Manager for Reliable Controls.


Environmental Automation Pty Ltd has a 2020 mission to assist their clients in attaining a 6-star NABERS IE rating and believe by working together, we can certainly achieve this.

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