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It’s understandable, times are tough and businesses like all of us are facing an unprecedented situation that we know is being felt all across the world. Due to the introduction and sudden impact of COVID-19, and the domino-effect it is having from overseas suppliers, the traditional supply chain may continue to deteriorate and affect Australian businesses claimed as ‘essential businesses’.

The team at ARA Manufacture has a mission to support as many Australian businesses by ensuring:

ARA Manufacture is still open for business. 


Metal Fabrication Production Factory in Derrimut Victoria

ARA Manufacture Production Facility in Derrimut, VIC.


Metal Fabrication Production Factory in Regencu Park South Australia
ARA Manufacture Production Facility in Regency Park, SA.

Businesses are continually facing concerning supply shortages.  It is imperative that Australian businesses are looking out for one another and helping each other successfully navigate through this period, as the situation is continuing to evolve day-by-day. Every business is facing its own sets of challenges. ARA Manufacture wants to help you keep things going for your business.

Our Capabilities

With our experienced tradespeople, rigorous and precise manufacturing equipment, our capabilities are extensive, offering a diverse range of metal fabrication services to suit your unique requirements all designed and fabricated in Australia.

Fabrication Services
ARA Manufacture can provide you with total fabrication solutions from Concept, Design & Engineering through to Fabrication, Surface Preparation, Finishes and Installation. With a vast range of metal fabrication equipment, ARA Manufacture can fulfil any ‘essential businesses’ specific needs and requirements direct out of our 7,300m2 Production Facility in Derrimut, Victoria, including Laser Cutting and Water Jet Cutting suited for almost any material including but not limited to Steel, Ballistic Glass, Plastic and Rubber.

ARA Manufacture Metal Fabrication and Welding

Our auto-feed turret punch has an extensive range of tooling available to use to perform many different punches. Our turret punch is easily capable of accepting sheets up to 1250mm wide with an ability to punch large quantities of materials with very little labour content, therefore reducing sell cost and lead time to large projects.

Additional fabrication services include:

  • High Pressure Folding
  • Plate Rolling
  • Welding for any suitable materials
  • Adhesive Bonding of Materials
  • Surface Preparation & Grit Blasting
  • Painting & Finishes

ARA Manufacture assembly of Sealeck Door

ARA Manufacture is qualified to take on any project or bespoke fabrication requirements, but also bolster the ability to produce high-security, commercial or industrial products such as doors, windows and perimeter systems, all designed and built in Australia. 

ARA Manufacture’s standard product range
Steel and aluminium commercial doors, including but not limited to Vertical and Horizontal Folding Doors, Sliding and Rolling Doors to more complex solutions such as High Security, Ballistic rated and Fire rated options.

Steel and aluminium window solutions including but not limited to High Security Glass, High Security Window Units and Vision Panels. We have the ability to ensure the glass is rated to your specific needs including a combination of Attack Resistant, Blast Resistant and Bullet Resistant products.

Other standard ARA Manufacture products:

Case Study: Supporting Heritage Glass

In a recent case study relating to an order from Melbourne-based Heritage Glass who used the services of ARA Manufacture when they experienced significant supply issues. ARA Manufacture was tasked with the opportunity to supply window frames and extra clear glass, meeting urgent deadlines due to previously unexpected supplier delays.

“Not many will appreciate the work involved, a super effort by your team”
– Zoran Novacevski, Heritage Glass

ARA Manufacture has been able to turn what could have been only short term supply issue of much needed products opportunities into subsequent orders and a lasting win-win relationship that enables locally based clients to benefit for high-quality workmanship and much shorter lead times due to the absence of transportation lead time issues.




ARA Manufacture is open for business. We want to help you.

Call 1300 306 440



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