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From door handles to office printers, these high touch-point areas are commonly missed and may have not been cleaned in a while. We make you think twice about where your hands have been and sparking a real cause for concern. 

Think about how much time you’ve spent in your office during the normal working week? On average five days or 38 hours a week, brewing your morning coffee on the coffee machine or scanning documents on the office printer, and by now you’re probably backtracking your every move to think about every button you’ve pressed, every door you have opened, how many times it’s been touch by others and most importantly… whether it’s clean? Likely guess, it’s not clean.

At a minimum, workplaces should be cleaned at least once daily and the bottom line is you should regularly get these high touch areas cleaned and disinfected for everyone’s safety.

Doors & Access

Whether your workplace has doorknobs, door handles, push plates, elevator or lift buttons, even access control to open doors, without a doubt your hands have been on them or near them. By taking notice of where your hands are being placed subconsciously to do a simple task such as opening a door, take that same initiative and ensure these high touch-point areas are being cleaned and disinfected. Cover everything from:

  • Entry Doors
  • Meeting Room Doors
  • Doors to the Kitchen
  • Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • Fridge Door Handle
  • Doors to Bathrooms
  • Bathroom Cubicle Doors
  • Handles, Push plates, Doorknobs, Buttons and Access Control


Light Switches & Power Outlets

Open-plan offices and workplaces are moving to smarter lighting solutions such as timer switches or sensor/movement switches which do not require manual switching of the lights. However, not all workplaces have this option which means light switches are often missed and are classed as high-touch areas. Although mostly hidden away, power outlets are often forgotten also, being the single source of power for our smartphones and the kettles in the kitchen. Make sure to cover everything from:

  • Light Switches in Meeting Rooms
  • Kitchen Lights switches
  • Power Outlets Near Desks
  • Power Outlets in the Kitchen
  • Bathroom Lights switches
  • Warehouse Lights
  • Storeroom or Archive Room Lights


Appliances & Office Equipment


By far one of the most unclean, unhygienic areas of any office is communal areas. From the office printer in the copy room to the kettle in the kitchen, items such as these are being touched and used every day by almost everyone in the office. Disinfecting these areas are a must – ensure to cover the following:

  • Coffee Machines
  • Kettles & Toasters
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge Handles/Doors
  • Microwave and/or Oven
  • Water Cooler or Bubbler
  • Office Printers or Photocopiers
  • Copy room Equipment (i.e. Binder, Guillotine, etc.)
  • Computers, Accessories, and Screens
  • Teleconferencing or Zoom Facilities


Desk Areas & Reception Areas


Your desk area and communal desk areas such as a lobby or reception desks are often the most touched and often forgotten. Regular cleans of these spaces are imperative as it is common for people and colleagues to congregate and also common for visitors to the office to place hands, sneeze, and cough. At the end of the day, it’s your desk, a daily wipe can ensure you’re protected. Make sure to cover everything from:

  • Monitor Screens and Buttons
  • Keyboards & Mouses
  • Laptop Trackpad or Touchpads 
  • Desktop Surface
  • Reception Desk Surface
  • Communal Stationary 
  • Cabinet and Storage Handles
  • Chairs and Chair Arms
  • Desk Dividers



Other Frequently Touch Areas


Many places in the office are high-touch point areas that we subconsciously forget about. These areas are assisting us to do a very a simple task day-to-day, but are frequently touched by mostly everyone, and although it is important to understand we’re not perfect and cannot always take notice of these areas, by taking a little initiative to list down these areas and provide to your cleaner to ensure they are getting the right spots can go a long way for your office. Make sure to cover everything from:

  • Handrails & Stair Rails
  • Hand-driers
  • Soap & Hand Sanitizer Pumps
  • Sink Taps in Bathrooms or Kitchen
  • iPads or Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Chairs in Kitchen or Meeting Rooms (especially Chair Arms)
  • Pot Plants
  • Mobile Phones

As mentioned many times, it is important to clean these high touch-point areas to avoid the risk of catching anything. As we know during these tough periods, sensitivity to a virus is at an all-time high, and all it takes is a cough or sneeze to contaminate surfaces, therefore we need to get ahead of the season and clean surfaces that are frequently being touched. 

A frequently touched surface is a surface that is touched multiple times each day, regardless of whether it is touched by the same person or different people. Whereas, an infrequently touched surface is any surface that is not touched more than once each day.

However, if you are unsure, you should treat your surface as if it is frequently touched always.




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