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There were two recent acquisitions that have made a very positive impact this past year and will continue to have a positive impact in the future, on the ARA Group. The positive impact is both strategic and financial.

BM Doors

In May 2022, the BM Doors Group (BM Doors) was acquired as an additional business in the Products Division. Financial year 2023 was the first full year of BM Doors as part of the ARA Group. BM Doors designs, manufactures, and installs a bespoke range of security and fire doors. BM Doors also designs and manufactures high security locks and locking systems. Many of the products have been patented, both in Australia and New Zealand, and in other parts of the world. Many products have also been approved for use in high security applications by the regulatory authorities in Australia. BM Doors has proven to be a great asset to ARA as well as a high performing business.

The BM Doors’ products complement the existing door product ranges of ARA. The BM Doors business extends the product line that ARA Products offers its customers. The high security door hardware is distributed through the ARA Hardware channels. BM Doors has become a highly integrated part of the ARA Manufacture business.

Sicada Fire & Safety

The Sicada Fire & Safety business was acquired in early April 2023 by the ARA Fire and Security Division. Sicada is a vehicle suppression fire protection business. This acquisition continues the expansion of the ARA Fire business to specialty fire protection services. Specifically, ARA Fire has expanded its business to include marine services and special hazard fire protection, including vehicle and restaurant fire suppression businesses.

Sicada is strategically located in the mining areas of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales and Central Queensland. Sicada complements the vehicle fire suppression businesses already existing within ARA Fire in Western Australia and in Queensland. The growth of ARA Fire in the special hazard business has been significant and has led to increased margins and introduced mining customers throughout Australia. Sicada and the previous acquisitions in the fire suppression business complement the fixed fire service business of ARA Fire. The business also extends the geographic reach of ARA Fire into many regional areas of Australia.

The overriding purpose of these niche businesses is to make the ARA Group a dominant participant in the product and service businesses already existing within ARA.

They add to the Group’s capabilities, add to the geographic reach of ARA, and add to the operating margin of ARA. The two acquisitions highlighted herein meet all the criteria of the ARA Group acquisition strategy.

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