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TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods are a leading-edge solution to increase productivity, enhance safety and streamline dock loading processes. Incorporating a wide range of Metalbilt’s door products. These pods are designed for ease-of-access, high turnaround, and complete environmental control for high volume container loading and unloading. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Metalbilt’s TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pod (ALP) stand out and how they are changing the game in the industry.

High Volume Container Loading

TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods have been designed to assist in high volume container loading and unloading. This means that they are capable of handling large container quantities of many types, allowing for fast turnaround and increased productivity, ensuring improved efficiency within the business.

Complete Environmental Control

TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods provide complete environmental control for many types of containers. Sensitive cargo can be loaded and unloaded in optimal conditions reducing risks of damage, ensuring quality standards are maintained. Businesses can now have peace of mind knowing their cargo is being handled with absolute care.

Enhanced Safety Performance

Safety is and should be a top priority in any industry, especially in shipping and logistics. Metalbilt’s TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods are designed with safety at the forefront, offering a range of features that ensure enhanced safety performance. From integrated safety systems to ease of access and use for workers. TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods ensure loading operations can be carried out safely and efficiently.

All-Weather Loading Environment

One of the key features of an ALP is their ability to provide a loading environment free from the elements. Meaning that loading operation can continue even in inclement weather conditions, reducing the downtime of workers this ensures deadlines are met. TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods are now a valuable and vital asset for those businesses operating in diverse climates, year-round.

Impressive Innovation

TRU-DOCK™️ Automated Loading Pods incorporate an impressive range of innovations, revolutionising the traditional loading dock by integrating advanced technology to automate many of the tasks traditionally performed manually.

From fully automated programmable logic controllers (PLC) with touch screen HMI capabilities to a hydraulic 11000kg-rated dock leveller, these pods are quite literally designed to enhance the safety within the workplace and the efficiency at every step of the loading process. TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods are a game-changer in the world of container loading. With their focus on high-volume loading, enhanced safety performance, all-weather capability, and complete environmental control, TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods are revolutionising the way businesses handle their loading operations. If you’re looking to streamline your container loading operations and enhance safety performance, TRU-DOCK™ Automated Loading Pods are the solution.

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