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Establishing a strong foundation from the start is crucial to ensure your project runs smoothly throughout the entire project. Planning and addressing these key stages early on means you can set clear objectives, allocate your resources efficiently and foresee any potential challenges along the way.

Below are the crucial stages and how Metalbilt can help you navigate them.

  • Planning and Design Phase: engaging a Metalbilt Sales and Project Manager in the early stages of your planning and design phase allows for a collaborative approach with your architect to consider the best solutions for your project. Our expertise ensures that all potential options are explored, including those you may never have considered, allowing for more efficient and effective design outcomes.
  • Budgeting and Cost Estimation: remaining transparent is vital for your budgeting process, enabling you to allocate resources efficiently and avoiding unexpected expenses. Detailed cost estimations help you to plan financially, ensuring your project remains on track and within budget.
  • Site Assessment and Measurements: before finalising your design plans, it’s essential that a thorough site assessment is conducted. Our team will gather precise measurements guaranteeing the chosen doors fit perfectly and operate correctly in your intended space. Accurate site assessments prevent costly modifications and ensure the seamless integration of Metalbilt products into your design.
  • Pre-Construction Phase: our team works closely with your contractors to ensure all preparations are made for the installation of Metalbilt products. This proactive approach helps to avoid delays, ensuring that everything is in place for a smooth installation process.
  • Installation Scheduling: installation of a Metalbilt door typically occurs after all structural work is completed but before the final finishes. A Metalbilt installer will install the door within a timely manner and ensure that the door is fully operational prior to handover. This stage is critical to ensure the door integrates perfectly with the surrounding structure and functions as intended.

By partnering with a Metalbilt Sales and Project Manager early on and throughout the critical stages of your project, you can ensure a smooth integration of your chosen door, leading to a successful outcome. Our comprehensive approach to project management ensures that every detail is planned and executed, providing high-quality products and solutions.

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